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Weighed Down by Donations

My husband got a new winter parka last month, and I was excited at the prospect of being able to donate his old one. It was in excellent shape and I knew there were people in need of warm winter wear. For years, I’ve been donating our unwanted winter coats to the New York Cares Coat Drive. Every winter, they put donation boxes in stores all over New York City. There was one in the paint store one block away from me,…

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An Unprecedented Year

A recent New York Times article talked about the words that were used frequently in 2020. One of them was “unprecedented.” There’s certainly no arguing that, for most of us, this has been a year like no other. I’ve spent time this year making changes to my home, finishing some long-delayed organizing projects, and implementing new technology. I’ve written about all of these and you may have read about them. I’ve made a few more changes that surprised even me! I…

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The Importance of Filing It Away

I recently spent an inordinate amount of time looking for a file that turned out to be on my Desktop. It was a Word document I had created a month earlier, which I then converted to a PDF and sent to somebody. I found the e-mail with the PDF in my Sent Items, but the Word document had disappeared. I looked in my Documents folder, but it was not where I would have expected it to be, nor was the PDF….

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The Benefits of a Password Manager

I have been resisting using a password manager because I was satisfactorily keeping track of all my passwords on my own. But then I listened to a seminar on the benefits of LastPass, and it completely changed my thinking. Using a password manager improves your security because you are no longer storing passwords in your browser. But here is what really sold me on implementing LastPass: I could access my LastPass password vault from all my devices: my computer, my iPad, and my iPhone….

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What Are You Saving It For?

Do you have clothing hanging in your closet that still has the tags on? I see this in my clients’ closets all the time. When I ask them why they haven’t worn it, they often say that they are saving it for a special occasion. It’s too nice for them to wear on just any day. We all love getting new clothes. The best thing about new clothes — other than their newness — is that they fit the body we…

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