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The Reasonable Person Standard

In law, the “reasonable person standard” is used to judge a defendant’s behavior by asking whether “a reasonable person, under the same circumstances, would have acted in the same way as the defendant”. So what does this have to do with organizing?   I sometimes use the “reasonable person standard” to help my clients determine how much is too much.

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Help for Your Handbag

I’ve written before about making sense of handbags (see my earlier post on handbag inserts).   I thought I had found my bliss with the fashionable and compartmentalized Butler Bag.   However, I got tired of always carrying such a big bag, so I plunged back into the fray to find the perfect solution. Last month I attended the annual conference of the National Association of of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and once again saw the Purse Perfector.  When I saw it at the last…

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The Computer Graveyard

After five and a half years of helping clients with their clutter,  I have gotten accustomed to encountering what I call the Computer Graveyard. Here’s the scenario.  You get a new computer, and you start using it.  You don’t want to get rid of the old computer just yet, just in case something malfunctions on the new one, so you put the old one on the floor next to your desk.  Days go by, then weeks, then months, and the…

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