If You Can’t See It, You Won’t Wear It

Early in my organizing career, I was quoted in Cosmopolitan Magazine. I was tickled pink to be in a national publication. In that article, I was quoted as saying, “If you can’t see it, you won’t wear it”.

I have restated that advice several times in my blog posts since then, most notably in See It and Use It and Remove Dry Cleaning Plastic. Of course I use it frequently with my clients. And now I have had the opportunity to experience it myself.

As you know, I’m having renovations done in my apartment. For five months, my husband and I were living in our spare bedroom (formerly known as our daughter’s bedroom). Happily, we were recently able to move back into our bedroom, and we are still getting used to being in there again.

One of the things I had moved into the spare room back in November was my jewelry box, so that I would have access to my collection of fun and colorful earrings. I put it on top of my daughter’s dresser, which is much taller than the dresser on which I usually keep it. I could still see my earrings, but not as well as I usually could. As a result, I got into a bit of a rut with my selections.

Now that I have the jewelry box back on top of my own dresser, I have a much better view. As a result, I am being more adventurous. I’m reaching for earrings that I haven’t worn in a while and which I don’t usually pair with those outfits. I’m having fun and also getting compliments.

If you find yourself getting into a rut with what you wear, it’s possible that you’re not seeing everything you own. Figure out what’s blocking your view. You may discover stuff that you are delighted to become reacquainted with. You may also discover some stuff that you no longer want, and getting rid of those will make it easier to see everything else.

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