Down Memory Lane

Back in January, I wrote about Projects That Never Get Done. In that post, I publicly promised to take the first step on a long-delayed project in my house: getting rid of our two video cameras, which we haven’t used in many years. The first step was to find the videos that we had taken, so that I could inventory them prior to sending them off to be digitized. After all, I might need the cameras to properly inventory the tapes….

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Use It, Love It, or Lose It

One of my five basic organizing principles is “Use it, love it, or lose it.” I teach this to all my clients, and it becomes the basis for decision-making about what to keep or what to let go. I am in the process of applying this same principle in my own home. I have a very small collection of commercial videos, on VHS and on DVD. Some of them I have never watched. With our TV shows on hiatus for the…

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