Capturing Contact Information

It always surprises me when someone asks me for my address even though this person has been to my house before.  Everyone has a way of capturing contact information, don’t they?   It may be in electronic form, or it may be in a physical address book.  So why would someone have to ask me for my address again? I think it’s because it is just not a habit for most people to retain contact information beyond its initial usefulness.  But it’s…

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The Dangling E-mail Conversation

Doesn’t it make you crazy when you send an e-mail to someone and never get a response? I’ve discovered that there are a number of reasons why this happens.  It has very little to do with you, and all to do with them. Most people are just not very efficient e-mail managers.  When I give talks on e-mail management, I ask, “How many of you have over 1,000 unread e-mails in your inbox?”  Usually most of the attendees raise their hands!

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All About Time Demands

This week, I’m delighted to have a guest writer for the first time!  Francis Wade is the author of the new book Bill’s Im-Perfect Time Management Adventure, a charming novel about one man’s search to solve the puzzle of time management. —————————————————- Perhaps the biggest discovery shared in my new book, Bill’s Im-Perfect Time Management Adventure, is the idea that while we can’t actually manage time, we do manage “time demands.”

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How Smart is Your Smart Phone?

I was an early adopter of the Blackberry.   I was working for a large corporation when they came out, and as soon as I saw one of my colleagues with one and heard about it’s capabilities, I knew this was for me.  I had just returned from a vacation and had been frustrated at being away from e-mail for a week. A few years later, I upgraded to the cell phone version of the Blackberry.  I got rid of my low-tech personal…

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