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One of the highlights of the annual conference of the National Association of Profoessional Organizers (NAPO) is the Vendor Expo.   This year, 51 vendors were there, offering a staggering array of products and services.

Three of them really caught my eye.

Time Timer had intrigued me at previous NAPO Expos, but this year I bought one, and I love it.  Unlike digital timers, the Time Timer offers a visual representation of how much time is left.  The impact of watching the red area shrink as time passes is much more powerful than watching numbers count down.  It is very easy to set — just drag the handle to the number of minutes you want.  There are three different sizes, and you can even buy a version for your computer or iPhone!   You can see the Time Timer at

College Caboodle was developed by a professional organizer, Leah DeAngelis Kinder, and her sister, Monique DeAngelis Morey.  Both had daughters entering high school and were looking for a way to organize all of the papers related to the college search and admissions process.   Luckily for the rest of us parents, they decided to develop and market the results of their efforts.  College Caboodle consists of an attractive file carrier with pre-labeled folders, a checklist and calendar for college-related events from freshman through senior year of high school, and lists of resources.  My daughter will graduate middle school next year, and you can bet that there is a College Caboodle in our future!  You can see the College Caboodle at

CareBinders was also born from the experience of its founder.    After a tragic car accident that claimed the life of her mother and left her father dependent upon her, Carol Kaufman started using computer tools like Word and Excel to keep track of all of her father’s medical issues, prescriptions, appointments, and caregivers.   She happened to be a software inventor, and CareBinders was born.   In addition to medical information, CareBinders helps you to keep track of account numbers, credit cards, insurance information, passwords, vital statistics, security alarm codes, household inventories, and much more.  It even stores scanned documents.   You can print out an array of formatted reports so that you can take your information with you.  Learn more about CareBinders at

Check out these great products!

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