Schedule a Meeting with Doodle®

Have you ever tried to schedule a meeting with a group of people?  It can take a lot of e-mails or phone calls to see a consensus forming, and then one person’s response can scuttle the whole endeavor and send you back to square one.  Here’s a better alternative.

Doodle® is a free website that enables you to set up possible dates and times for an event and then send it to a list of e-mail addresses.  Each of your attendees goes to your poll and indicates his or availability for the time slots you listed.   Check back a day or two later, and you’ll be able to see everyone’s availability laid out in one place.  Invitees can also add comments.  If you like, you can have Doodle e-mail you each time somebody answers the poll.

You can also use Doodle® to take polls on other things besides schedules.  Use it to decide on a movie, take a vote on a question, or select toppings for pizza!

Try it out and see how easy it is.

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