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In Praise of Drawer Dividers

I recently noticed just how many drawer dividers I’ve added to the drawers in my home. Even more interesting to me was that the divider solution for each drawer is different. When it comes to drawer dividers, there is no “one size fits all”. It’s important to carefully measure the drawer dimensions as well as the dimensions of the items you want to store. A photo of me organizing the dividers in the junk drawer of my desk actually appeared…

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Transforming My Home Office

I recently wrote “When A Piece of Furniture Has To Go.” You can subtitle this post “When Another Piece of Furniture Has To Go”. I’m referring to my desk. Not the desk where I spend most of my time working on my computer, but the desk I’ve had since I was a child. It also served me well through many years of adulthood. It was a place to pay bills and write letters and sign school permission slips. But that…

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The Eyes of a Stranger

I recently had the experience of being photographed by the New York Times. I had been interviewed earlier this month by a Times reporter for an article on tackling clutter in the new year. The author decided which of my quotes she planned to use, then arranged for a photographer to come to my home and take pictures of me in the act of organizing the areas I spoke about. (You can see the article here.) The first thing we…

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