Electronic Clutter

GRID-IT Is My New Travel Buddy

We visited our daughter at camp this past weekend.  It’s a performing arts camp, and there are performances at the end of each 3-week session.  She is attending for 9 weeks, so including the trip to drive her there, that means four round-trips this summer.  (Two down, two to go.) It’s about a 3-hour drive each way, and since we are among those uncool types who play an iPod full of show tunes and sing along, the time passes quickly.  But in addition to…

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An Organizing Magazine At Last!

Based on the comments I receive from my readers, I know that people are hungry for information about organizing.  So why are there so many magazines about the love lives of celebrities, but not one magazine dedicated to organizing? When I first became a Professional Organizer six years ago, I noticed that the Container Store carried copies of Real Simple.  I had once been a subscriber to Real Simple, but had gotten bored with it.  (As I said to my husband…

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The Computer Graveyard

After five and a half years of helping clients with their clutter,  I have gotten accustomed to encountering what I call the Computer Graveyard. Here’s the scenario.  You get a new computer, and you start using it.  You don’t want to get rid of the old computer just yet, just in case something malfunctions on the new one, so you put the old one on the floor next to your desk.  Days go by, then weeks, then months, and the…

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