Clothes You Don’t Wear That Often

When my clients and I review their clothes, I advise them to get rid of any item they haven’t worn in an entire year. I make an exception with clothes that are only worn on special occasions, as we don’t always get a chance to wear those every year. I offer two guidelines for deciding whether to keep the special occasion clothes: they have to still fit, and they have to still be in style.

If you have seen me in person, you might know that I am most comfortable in denim. My everyday outfit in most seasons includes a pair of blue or black jeans. There are some situations, however, that require nicer pants than jeans.

Every spring, I pack a few pairs of nice pants to take to my annual organizers’ conference. This year, I noticed that my nice pants had been unworn for long enough that they had dust along the top fold! I dutifully dusted all of them off before selecting the ones I wanted to pack. And I made a mental note to do something to prevent that in the future.

I recently did a search on Amazon. Ironically, what I wanted turned out to be called “shoulder covers”, even though pants don’t have shoulders. These are meant for shirts or jackets, but they were just what I needed

I ordered a pack of 10 shoulder covers, and now my pants are protected from dust:

If you also have clothes that collect dust, try them on to make sure that they still fit and haven’t gone hopelessly out of style. If they pass the test, consider some shoulder covers to keep them fresh.

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