Simplify Your Laundry and Your Life

The older I get, the more I simplify my laundry. Some of my habits have been lifelong habits, while others I’ve adopted more recently. Here are some of the ways that I’ve kept laundry day, my wardrobe, and my linens relatively simple.

No more hand washing
When I was younger, I washed my bras and some of my blouses in the sink every week, then let them drip dry in the shower. Now, I wash everything in the washing machine. Delicates go into a lingerie bag and then get hung up to dry rather than going into the dryer. I recently discovered this great mesh bra bag at Bed Bath and Beyond.

No ironing
I avoid fabrics that require ironing. If I wash something and it comes out of the dryer wrinkled, I send it back. If it can’t be returned, I donate it.

Nothing white
I don’t own anything white because it’s too hard to keep things white. This includes not only clothes, but sheets and towels as well. All of my sheets and towels are prints, which means they last longer because they are less likely to show fading or discolorations like a solid would.

Different colors for different size beds
I’ve worked with clients who can’t tell what size their sheets are because all of them are the same color (usually white). Because my sheets are distinct prints, I can tell immediately if a sheet belongs to my daughter’s twin size bed, my queen size bed, or our full size guest beds.

No lost socks
This one is a lifelong habit that I learned from my mother. I wash my socks in a lingerie bag, and then hang them to air dry rather than putting them in the dryer. As a result, I never lose any socks. Plus they don’t shrink or get stretched out.

What habits can you change to make your wardrobe and your laundry day simpler?

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  2. Taylor Bishop
    Sep 20, 2017

    Thanks for these tips for laundry. I actually didn’t know that it could be good to have some different colors for different sizes of sheets. I can definitely see the benefits of this, especially if it can help you make sure you clean it properly.

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