Pet Products for Small Spaces

I was recently invited to a pet product expo sponsored by Pet Socialite Events.  I was invited because I was an Organizer, but it was my new status as a Dog Owner that spurred me to go.

While there, I ran into my organizing colleague Fern Silvernagel.  Fern is a Cat Owner and her perspective was invaluable as we toured the vendor displays in search of products that our clients could use.

My focus was to identify items that would be suitable for dwellers of small spaces, like those of us in New York City apartments.  But these great products will work in any home.  If you are not a pet owner, consider one of these as a holiday gift.

Cat owners, you’ll love the Designer Catbox.  It keeps the litter box out of sight by encasing it in a handsome wooden cabinet.  You (and your visitors) won’t have to look at (or smell) the litter box, and your cat will have some privacy.  They are having a 30% off sale so check it out now.

Sturdi Products makes terrific pet carriers that can be used to take your pet across town or on an airline trip.  I asked Sturdi expert Penny Johnson if they made a bag that would be good for toting a dog around Manhattan, and she sent me home with the beautifully designed Sturdi TOTE, which can also be used for a car trip since it has a seatbelt strap on the back .  My dog is still eyeing it suspiciously, but we’ll get there!

I also brought home a Hanging Organizer from the quirkily-named {yep yup}.   Similar to a hanging shoe bag, it has different sized pockets to hold all of your pet’s stuff,  and there’s even a little photo frame at the top so that you can make it clear just whose stuff this is!  It comes in seven different color schemes and you can also buy matching dog accessories – leash, collar, dog bowls, bed, blanket, et al.

Rabbit Air makes a streamlined air purifier that sits unobtrusively on a end table, or can be mounted on the wall.  You can even get it with an art-themed cover that will enhance your décor!  Quite a change from the typical air purifier which looks like a rocket launcher.

Speaking of décor, Unleashed Life makes the classiest dog bowls and raised feeders I have ever seen.  No need to compromise on the attractiveness of your dining room or marble kitchen when you use these.

Pioneer Pet Products makes a cat scratching post made out of sisal.  Thanks to my colleague Fern, I learned that a sisal scratching post is far superior to one made out of carpet, since the latter merely trains your cats to claw your carpet!  The day after attending the expo, I saw one of these at the home of a client.  It was quite handsome and did not at all detract from her lovely living room.

There were several companies selling dog beds, but the one that impressed me the most was Jax and Bones.  The variety of beautiful fabrics they offer means that you can get a dog bed that will fit in with your decorating scheme.

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