The Right Time to Buy A Suitcase

For a while now, I have been meaning to buy a new suitcase. I use a carry-on suitcase whenever I travel — whether I’m going away for a weekend or for two weeks. My cute little red carry-on was perfect for me: roomy on the inside with outside pockets, and easy to pick out of a group of suitcases due to its color. However, ever since I started noticing suitcases with four wheels instead of two, I have been wanting one. I…

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In Praise of On-line Shopping

I’ve always enjoyed catalog shopping. It was fun shopping from the comfort of my own home. My husband used to tease me about spending so much time waiting on the post office line to return packages. I told him it was better than standing on a fitting room line. When catalogs moved to the internet and the postal service starting picking up return packages, shopping from home became even more alluring. I don’t have to wait on line at the post office…

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Any Color You Want

Henry Ford allegedly said that you could have the Model T in any color you want, as long as it’s black. While I have long laughed at that statement, I have recently become aware of the elegance and simplicity of it. And it’s all because of my socks. For years, I have worn only three colors of pants: black, navy blue, and gray. As a result, I have been buying only three colors of socks. Pretty simple, right? The problem occurs…

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Use What You Have

Lots of times we hold on to something “just in case”.  We may not have a use for it now, but we can imagine it coming in handy at some point in the future.  While this is not a bad plan, it gets out of control when we use that excuse to hold on to too many things, or things that are big and take up a lot of space. I’ve started a new policy of using up my “just…

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Sucked In By A Sale

Long-time readers of my organizing tips may recall an earlier rant of mine on the tyranny of coupons (Coupons: To Clip or Not To Clip?)  Coupons induce us to behave in irrational ways that waste our time and create clutter.  Similarly, sales are likely to have the same effect. When we are shopping for something specific, it’s quite delightful to find that the item we planned to buy is on sale and we can purchase it for less than expected.  However,…

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