Client Testimonials

I’ve read many books on decluttering and consulted with several “experts” on the subject but the one thing that really improved the condition of my apartment was talking to Sharon Lowenheim. Sharon is kind, patient, practical, and non-judgmental. Most important, she is brimming with advice and ideas that you can put to immediate use to declutter and organizing your living space. Sharon doesn’t take a “one-size-fits-all-approach,” but instead works with you individually to come up with a decluttering plan suited to your particular needs and tastes. I’m very thankful to have consulted with Sharon. She is an inspiration.

Andy B.
New York, NY

Even though I feel I am an organized person, Sharon empowered me to be much better at following up with my customers, which is crucial in a sales/service business. The simplicity of her solution ensures that I will be able to keep this up with minimal maintenance.

Gary K.
New York, NY

Sharon has been one of the best investments in my mental health in the past year...and I'm in the mental health field. She helps you form a vision for your space and your life, keeps you on track with your goals, and is unbelievably determined. There were many times that I felt like I couldn't face going through my clutter. Too many old memories and too overwhelming. But Sharon helped me face what felt impossible and things feel so much better and brighter. Thank you, Sharon! You are definitely a goddess!

Karen D.
Brooklyn, NY

I really do love your Tip of the Week. It is always interesting and informative. It is a real breath of fresh air in my emails. Keep them coming!

Carole K.
New York, NY

Sharon Lowenheim has found her calling. Not only did she help me to get organized, but she helped me in a way that I know will keep me organized. Best of all, her infectious enthusiasm made the process painless . . . and dare I say, fun!

Marci A.
New York, NY

You are a Goddess. I could not have done this without your help. Thank you so much! I feel so much better already.

Carol L.
New York, NY

I just went through a most stressful move, having to condense 31 years of living into what to give away, what to leave in my furnished apartment for rental, what to store, and what to bring with me for the move out west. Without the help of the Organizing Goddess, I think I would still be trying to figure things out. What a boon she was as she worked alongside me, helping me make difficult decisions, supporting me in my anxiety, and turning an overall stressful situation into a fun experience. I can't recommend her highly enough.

Mona K.
Berkeley, CA

I am delighted to report back that I have maintained the organization we set up! As we discussed in my pre-organization interview, my problem is often when there is no designated place to put something. Now that you created all of those places, I have no trouble cleaning up, even if I get a few days behind!

Adrienne M.
New York, NY

Thank you so so much. Your help was the relief I needed to get everything that was stuck, moving again. And not just in the sense of my material things finding order. Your presence is so soothing, and even though I was exhausted after our sessions, I felt more grounded because of your energy. It was a significant experience for me to let someone see my mess and take a practical, solution-based approach without judgment.

Chris L.
New York, NY

It was a pleasure attending your time management seminar today. I got a lot out of it. I truly enjoyed your style of teaching and the tips you had to offer were valuable, practical advice that can be incorporated in daily life.

Shilpa B.
New York, NY

The Organizing Goddess doesn't do just closets. She gave me valuable help in gaining control of my voluminous computer files, as well as some basic PC tips. Sharon has a great computer/math background, but no question can be too dumb to ask her. I hope to use her for closets also!

Jeannie W.
New York, NY

Sharon is the most organized person I know! She has been a Godsend. It's all about systems. She has a method for organizing even the most chaotic pack rat, but more importantly, a system for keeping it that way!

Lori B.
New York, NY

I just wanted to let you know how consistently helpful and well written your newsletters are! Thank you!

Ruth A.
New York, NY

I can't thank you enough for your help in getting me started on organizing my home -- and my life! Ever since that first consultation I have been working on the house bit by bit and applying the organizing principles you suggested. Most importantly, I feel confident I can do it. I look forward to another organizing session soon -- I have more to learn and you are such a supportive person. I never felt judged by you for what has been a sensitive issue for me -- my "pack-rat" gene, as we say in my family. I have truly benefitted from my visit with the Organizing Goddess and encourage everyone to try it!

Barbara L.
New York, NY

Sharon, a.k.a. the Organizing Goddess, is terrific. She gave me clear direction and assistance for organizing my files while being an enjoyable companion and conversationalist . . . the hours flew by!

Kate S.
New York, NY

I contacted Sharon when I found myself stuck in a disorganized apartment and unable to move out from sheer clutter. She came into my world, taught this old dog new tricks, and gently got me to part with some of my more prized possessions -- though, to her dismay, not all fourteen pairs of my high heels. I was able to move out and move on and my new apartment is an organizer's dream. I couldn't have done it without her.

Hannah S.
Brooklyn, NY

I was worried that Sharon would try to change my workflow or correct my office space, but that was anything but the case. Sharon worked with my existing systems to streamline my processes so that I could be more efficient in my day-to-day tasks. All it took was minor changes that I couldn’t see on my own because I was so used to my routine. Without Sharon's help, I would have continued in my ways forever, for better or for worse.

Alex H.
New York, NY

Organizing Goddess has helped me in so many ways. Not only does Sharon Lowenheim bring hands-on assistance, she has a philosophy about chaos and order that was a tool I never had before. She works in a fast, clever way that is non-judgmental. I have never felt rushed by Sharon which is very important to “Paper Pack Rat” me . . . I have to look carefully at everything and decide what to do. When I needed to find a piece of furniture for storage she helped me do what I couldn’t do on my own: make the decision, find the item, measure, order and then set-it up. Brava, Organizing Goddess!

Pamela P.
New York, NY

Sharon (a.k.a. the Organizing Goddess) was absolutely wonderful at helping me organize my closet. With her guidance we rid my wardrobe of duplicate items and items that no longer worked for me. I now have a perfectly organized closet, organized by color, sleeve length, etc., that is so easy to access. I would recommend her to anyone trying to streamline and systematize their home.

Dona S.
New York, NY

Sharon totally exceeded my expectations. I initially hired her to help clear our large storage cabinet, in anticipation of our getting rid of it. Sharon's work was so impressive that I asked her to help reduce clutter throughout the apartment and to redo our bedroom closet. The results were astounding. My husband and I were amazed at how she organized the closet to increase the storage space while giving us more access to the contents. Sharon's cheerful manner and professional approach make us huge fans. We cannot recommend her more highly.

Shirley P.
New York, NY

Thank you SO much. You have a gift -- thanks for sharing it.

Erika C.
New York, NY

Working with Sharon is changing my life. I feel lighter and clearer and understand that with each new level of organizing I am finding a freedom I never thought possible.

Liz G.
Brooklyn, NY

For me, working with Sharon is like going to the movies. I go in not knowing what to expect and come out with a big smile on my face! This smile returns to my face over and over as I continue to see the positive impact our work has made on my life.

Amy T.
New York, NY

Thanks to Sharon's organizing principles, I have been able to devise better systems for eradicating clutter from our lives. Sharon's principles have empowered me to adopt a new approach to our possessions. By discarding unnecessary items, storing the remaining ones in places that make sense, and maximizing space, Sharon has helped bring a newfound calm and efficiency to our lives.

Marisa S.
New York, NY

I have been so happy with my closet reorganization and am thankful to have found Sharon. She helped me to organize my closets, my clothing storage, and my kitchen. I have been using my time in the apartment so much more wisely ever since. Once the initial set-up of the closets was done, I have found it to be a simple process to keep it that way.

Melissa F.
New York, NY

You've made such a life-changing difference in our home. All of the areas you’ve organized are the only areas that stay organized. It feels like magic to me!

Jill H.
Brooklyn, NY

I had a room that was so overwhelming that I didn't know how I was going to get it cleared in time for my impending move. After months of putting off dealing with this room, I finally decided that I needed help. Thanks to Sharon's expertise, this room was transformed In just a few hours. She is truly a joy to work with. The time and money spent were a wise investment. Sharon is not just the Organizing Goddess, but an organizing angel!

Allison T.
Bronx, NY

Sharon is awesome! She helped me reorganize my living room, my bedroom, and my mind. I think differently about bringing items into my home...and keeping them. Thanks to her help, my life is less cluttered.

Dana H.
Astoria, NY

I just want to share with you how much I enjoy your newsletters. I look forward to each one. I have utilized many of your techniques in the past few months. I have found both my environment and life more manageable with the extra knowhow. Keep up the excellent work!

Marie P.
New York, NY

Clutter had been a major emotional issue in our home for years. What one family member wanted, the other would argue against. Finally we realized that we needed someone to come in and help us focus so that we make sustainable progress. While Sharon is clearly skilled as a Professional Organizer, she also possesses a calm, patient and professional personality that helped us to do just that. She is tremendously adept at finding solutions to suit the needs of the individual as well as the collective needs of a family. Our home has been transformed and we're having so much more fun now. Thank you, Sharon! You are a miracle worker!

Joy S.
Brooklyn, NY

We are so thrilled with everything you have done for us. We are now living comfortably in our one-bedroom home with child. We are so appreciative. With all of the changes you instituted and recommended, our apartment is now quite manageable on our own. Please know how grateful we are to you for all of your efforts. Honestly, we could not have done this without you.

Amy W.
New York, NY

Thank you again for the great session last week at my house. I really appreciated your time and effort with me, the pack rat. Your approach and style were terrific, and your advice extremely helpful. I've kept that kitchen counter clear ever since, and am making some progress on other fronts, too.

Amy L.
Brooklyn, NY

I'm loving my newly organized closet and want to thank you again for your help. It really was a pleasure working with you. I've tweaked a few things, and spent some time last week pulling out a lot of very old files that I can now discard. And now there is space to add new files. You really inspired me!

Susan S.
New York, NY

Greetings from the Shredder. The documents are being reduced to itty bitty pieces and going out to the curb -- what a feeling! This is really freeing up my mind and space. Your expertise is so appreciated. I especially like the humorous practicality. You are calm and collected and you make this process so much more approachable.

Victoria O.
Queens, NY

Just wanted to take a moment to express my thanks to you for caring enough to offer us such good advice and helpful hints to make our lives a better place to live in.

Maria P.
New York, NY

My e-mail was a source of stress for me. It all seemed so unfiltered and out of control. Sharon helped me restructure my e-mail processing. Now my e-mails are 100% more organized and user friendly. I feel calmer already!

Ken M.
White Plains, NY

You may think that an organized mug filled with just the right number of pens (all tested for writing pleasure and color), a pair of scissors, a letter opener, and a magnifying glass is trivial. IT IS GREAT! and it represents the essence of what Sharon is doing for me. With her help, I can transform my space into a pleasing environment that beckons the organizing work I need to do to maintain it. And did I mention the drawers filled perfectly with just the right envelopes, stickies, and other paraphernalia? Yes, we did also throw out lots and shred even more. Sharon will help you accomplish what is right for you. Thank you!

Livia Y.
New York, NY

Thank you so much, Sharon! You helped me break through logjams on several levels and make it all feel possible to tackle.

Joanne A.
New York, NY

Time is the one commodity that we can't reproduce. Sharon understands how important it is to not waste time searching for documents in a disorganized environment, as well as the inefficiencies associated with not clearly prioritizing when tasks and projects need to be completed. The investment of time with the Organizing Goddess has already paid huge dividends in increased productivity and enhanced service to our clients.

Jim B.
New York, NY

With a baby on the way, my husband and I tapped into Sharon's expertise to help us re-organize our very cluttered apartment. Sharon came in and knew exactly which areas to target. Being a Manhattan mom herself, she had a lot of great ideas and thoughts that have helped us determine how we could maximize the space we have in our small apartment. Since her visit, we've been able to take her recommendations and create a more useful and organized space!

Arzo B.
New York, NY

Sharon's professionalism, focus, and humor were exactly what we needed to tackle what was a huge feat: organizing our small apartment with limited space. She asked all the right questions to determine the most appropriate solutions for our organizing challenges.

Liz D.
Bronx, NY

Thanks so much for your help today. I keep opening my office closet door just to delight in how wonderful it looks inside! (The coat closet, too!)

Liz P.
New York, NY

Thank you for another Organizing Tip. I have been receiving your tips for at least a year now, and I must tell you how much they have helped me and how much I look forward to receiving them.

Paulette D.
New York, NY

Sharon, I am going to do something I almost never do, which is thank MYSELF for picking up the phone and calling you. I so appreciate what you did.

Sheila R.
New York, NY

A note of thanks for the tremendous wealth of wonderful ideas you shared for my upcoming Secrets of Getting Organized story. I am definitely inspired by your blog, your email, and our conversation, and I am certain countless readers will be, as well.

Mara B.
Chicago, IL

We really appreciated the time you spent with us on Friday. Your wonderful insight and observations were a terrific motivator. We (kids included) dedicated much time to organizing the entire house over the weekend. I wish you could see it now!

Jeff K.
Wyckoff, NJ

Thank you for your help. It has already had a great impact on my life!

Monica E.
New York, NY

It was great to throw out so much. My mind is starting to free up, more new ideas are coming my way. Thanks.

Vern O.
Chatham, NJ

Thanks for continuing to share your newsletters, each of which contains wonderful nuggets of advice -- if not a direct dart to the heart.

Amy S.
New York, NY

Sharon, it was wonderful to receive a visit from you as a gift from my family. While caring for my elder mom and working full-time, I began to get buried under piles of clothes, paperwork, books, and art projects. You really helped me break things down into manageable steps, and I feel a lot lighter since taking these tasks on seriously -- and a lot more hopeful about creating space for future possibilities as I let go of the past. Thanks for helping me transform my small bohemian one-bedroom into paradise again!

Anne L.
New York, NY

I was starting a new job and felt overwhelmed with stuff. I wanted to start fresh with a neat and organized apartment. In 3 hours, Sharon and I went through my closet, bathroom, and kitchen. She actually got down on the floor and helped me go through everything. Now I am clear-headed and have peace of mind while taking on this new work challenge. Hiring Sharon was one of the best investments I made for myself.

Pam F.
New York, NY

Thank you so very much for helping me get a handle on my family's files. The "tonnage" of papers I kept throughout the years had derailed me. With your expert help, I'm back on track. Thanks from everyone in my family!!!

Maribel S.
New York, NY

Sharon came into my home office, sized up my situation in just a few short minutes, and within the hour we were well on our way to discussing ways to improve my lack of organization. She gave me invaluable tips for how to NOT collect massive amounts of paper in the first place, how to keep the ones I must retain in good order, and how to access them in the future. She’s got oodles of experience – well worth every penny.

Marissa D.
Brooklyn, NY

Sharon is efficient and smart, and she prioritizes how to use our time to accomplish what is needed. She is always friendly, warm, and supportive. She is never judgmental. She teaches new approaches so that I can be independent in tackling chores.

Phyllis S.
New York, NY

Sharon has enabled me to transform our loft, space by space, wall by wall, cabinet by cabinet. Her knowledgeable, thoughtful, measured input carries us along through project after project. Our recent necessary shift to online appointments has been smooth. I am grateful for the Organizing Goddess every time I look around the loft, particularly now in this period of New York on Pause.

Linda P.
New York, NY

Sharon is the perfect balance between a trusted friend and a zealous home organizer. She provides direction and key skill-building while accompanying you in organizing tasks -- no job too small or too large! She’ll put her full effort and strong will behind any task. You won't feel alone in your clutter, nor judged in the decluttering process, and you might have some good laughs along the way!

Susan K.
Brooklyn, NY

Sharon helped me tremendously, organizing a space that I thought was just too small. I found out there is space, if you know how to use it! She also gave me tips -- like putting things where you really need them -- that have made life easier. For instance, I moved the stamps and mailing labels to the kitchen, and now I don't always have to run back upstairs to my office to stamp them, or keep putting off getting mail out the door!

Ann P.
Forest Hills, NY

I’ve lived in a New York one-bedroom for over forty years, and as a professional musician, the build-up in my apartment of musical materials of all kinds is massive. Add to that my total lack of an organizing or purging impulse, and you’ve got a recipe for discomfort. That’s where Sharon comes in. She sounded like just the right person on the internet, and in fact that’s what she is. She’s seen every possible mess many times – and if you present her with something unfamiliar, she figures it out in the most impressively logical manner. I’m used to the idea that my apartment will most likely always be a work in progress, but much headway was made quickly, and important improvements are made with every additional appointment. My friends frequently comment on how much nicer it is to visit me now! It’s a truly personalized and individual approach, so things get done right. In addition, she’s a multi-faceted and talented lady who is a delight to know!

Jeffrey G.
New York, NY

Sharon, I cannot tell you how grateful I am for your assistance. You're a gift from the gods! My husband and I have a lot of work to do, but you've helped us to envision a new home, which is what we desperately needed.

Molly K.
New York, NY

Sharon's time management training has not only helped me to become more productive; it also laid the groundwork for being more organized and efficient in other parts of my business. It helped me to upgrade my lifestyle because of the extra time I have now, as well as feeling much more in control of both work and personal endeavours. Sharon has a wonderful gift for teaching and makes this undertaking constructive, fun, and witty.

Nikki W.
New York, NY

I am loving my newly decluttered/organized space. I can find things, and thereby use them. Who knew it could be that simple!

Janet G.
New York, NY

Wrapping my head around clutter has always been an intimidating task. My brain just isn't wired that way. Sharon showed me how putting in place a few simple systems can make organizing my electronic life a breeze. After just one session with Sharon I have the confidence and tools to begin to organize my life and business in a way I never thought possible. I'm saving time, energy, and most importantly peace of mind. I can focus my energy on revenue-generating activities. I highly recommend the Organizing Goddess to anyone looking to be more effective with their time.

Gary M.
Teaneck, NJ

You will be pleased to know I’ve been getting rid of more STUFF! I am on a mission. Thanks for your help and I have your voice in my head now when I think about buying anything.

Shera H.
New York, NY

Sharon, you are amazing. Thanks for all your advice. You are an inspiration!

Denise L.
Flemington, NJ

I cannot thank you enough for your efforts, vision, creativity, and hard work that have made our workspace an almost stress-free environment. Thank you for not only a job well done but permitting us to peform a well-done job. The results are amazing.

Joe N.
New York, NY

In two hours, Sharon accomplished what my staff and I could not have done in months. We found things we didn't know we had, and we now have things we didn't know we needed. The office now flows in a way that's even noticeable to our patients. We kept delaying everything which made things even more disorganized. Sound like the vicious cycle you're going through? Time to call the Organizing Goddess! She'll discover possibilities that you didn't even know existed.

Robert D.
New York, NY

When I first hired Sharon, I was mired in a very long, and very messy, mountain of things to do. With no idea how to tackle them, I was completely overwhelmed. Sharon established a smart, simple system for me to follow, which, coupled with her intelligence and her dedicated personal attention, has helped me in so many significant ways -- most recently with my career growth, my small business and my finances. I do not think there is anything that Sharon cannot help me accomplish. She's more than a personal organizer, and even more than a coach -- when I work with Sharon, it's as if I have a second brain. After our 3-hour sessions, I inevitably feel a great sense of accomplishment and of relief. Sharon's impact on my life (and my psyche) has been enormous.

Mel B.
New York NY

Sharon taught me how to think about my family's "stuff" and how to break down the inventory in my apartment into use-able parts. She taught me to think about what goes with what, to store it near where we actually use it, and to label it accordingly. Not only did she teach me (and I was eager for a coach), but she also got in the trenches and actually sorted, recycled, and organized our belongings with me - everything from nails and hardware to toilet paper and hosiery. When we'd finish a session, I felt like I'd really accomplished something. Sharon also gave me homework, which was very specific and manageable. I was motivated to finish my tasks before she arrived for our next session, and that made me feel like we were really making progress. This is a lifestyle and one that I'm finding I'm able to uphold.

Eleanor W.
New York, NY

How nice it is to have a neat and organized household! Sharon is a joy to work with, has lots of ideas, and can find a place for everything (and if she can't find a place, the item is probably not needed anyway). Her phone number is one I won't lose -- she has told me where to keep it! I would recommend her to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Bev P.
New York, NY

Your weekly tips are great...and very wise! Thank you for sharing them.

Alexis G.
New York, NY

I want to thank you for helping me get my apartment in order. I could never have even begun to move forward without you. I will remain ever grateful to you for all your help and guidance. I would recommend you to everyone!

Velda M.
New York, NY

Thank you for all these organizational tips. In case you don't hear it enough, they are GREATLY appreciated, and often put into practice!

Ilva J.
New York, NY

Hiring Sharon when I moved to another apartment within my building was THE BEST DECISION AND GIFT I could have given myself. Sharon is nothing short of a magician. She finds places to put things that you wouldn’t have thought would be possible. Sharon is a true professional - experienced, knowledgeable, understanding, and open to any challenges you present. As a clutterer, I was skeptical and frankly, a bit nervous about having to part with what I thought were dearly beloved items. The psychological benefit of working with Sharon is immeasurable. She has an incredible way of guiding you through this process with a gentle approach reinforced by validated principles of organization. Don’t think twice about taking advantage of Sharon’s expertise.

Ina G.
New York, NY

All hail the Organizing Goddess!! Who knew that organizing an outrageously messy walk-in closet could be so much fun? Sharon's warmth, wit and wisdom made the entire experience both effective and enjoyable and the time just flew by. There is no better feeling than to look into a well-organized space -- I find myself giggling and ahhhh-ing simultaeously, now that I can actually WALK into my walk-in closet and even close the door.

Kerry M.
Brooklyn, NY

Your tips and explanations really made sense and helped me! Thanks again for sharing your organizing knowledge.

Mara Z.
New York, NY

During a renovation, I hired Sharon to maximize my closet space. She took one look at my stuff and space, drew up a plan for the contractor, and when I moved back, I had room for everything. She was worth every penny of her fee.

Mary Jane W.
New York, NY

In three hours, Sharon calmly surveyed all of my closets, made very sensible suggestions about how to reorganize them, and worked with me to reorganize my completely-packed clothes closet. It has been extremely easy to keep the closet free of disorder and clutter. Daily life -- getting dressed, changing my purse, looking for scotch tape-- is much easier since she was here.

Ronda W.
New York, NY

Your Time Management training has made a difference to me both at work and in my personal life. I will continue to recommend you!

Andrew S.
Brooklyn, NY

I now have a place for the things I want to keep, and the things I have kept actually mean something to me. And I can find them easily, clean them easily, and put them back where they belong easily. Life is better, easier (have I mentioned easier?) and fuller with less stuff. You were the catalyst for my new, almost zen-like state. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart and the insides of my clean walk-in closets.

Mary Ellen P.
New York, NY

I thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent today. I feel very optimistic now - that I'll be able to get to what I visualize and what I feel comfortable with. Thanks so much for your guidance and support.

Celeste M.
New York, NY

A great big thank you hug for helping me with my e-mail contacts. Wow, what a difference a little knowledge can make! I feel like I'm whole again. I've got (most of) my info gathered in one place. You are the true organizing goddess!

Michelle C.
New York, NY

Getting organized was always something other people did -- it was a mystery to me, or something I tried to do every once in a while, but disorder always crept in again. Then I met Sharon and I learned how to keep junk mail, bills, photographs, and paper from building up -- what to keep, how to organize it, and how to find it quickly when I need it. Thank you, Sharon. You are a genius!

Mahvash S.
New York, NY

Thank you for an excellent presentation. I would rate your workshop as top notch - and kudos to you for engaging the audience and for your insight!

Gabrielle G.
New York, NY

Sharon was a wonderful help when I was organizing my kitchen, bathroom, and closets. I had hit the wall when it came to items that were falling out all over the place. Sharon is extremely professional and solved all my problems. She always had the right answer. She was of enormous help in shopping online at the Container Store, so I could get items of the right size and not be distracted with a million other things. Her expertise was extremely worthwhile. I recommend having her for at least three sessions. It has changed my life.

Denise R.
New York, NY

Sharon changed my life!!! Only a week after implementing Sharon's time management plan, I can already see my quality of life changing for the better. Not only am I able to complete my daily to-do lists, but I feel less rushed, less stressed, and most importantly, I can make a little time for myself. Sharon inspired me to get started on the plan immediately and stick with it. I highly recommend to anyone who feels overwhelmed by what needs get done to sit down with Sharon. She will make an enormous difference in your life!

Stacie B.
New York, NY

Thank you so much for the great organizing today! Life changing.

Dina K.
New York, NY

I purchased a 9-hour package with Sharon, which we used in three sessions. We started with an overview of several organizing principles and a written assessment of my lifestyle and my organizing goals. Then each hands-on session focused on a particular area of my apartment.

Sharon is very meticulous and efficient, but is also flexible and understands that different people have different needs and preferences. She doesn't judge and didn't require me to go with anything I didn't like.

The work we did created better clarity in the way I use my apartment, so I understand where I have what, and why. It has already paid off in all the time I have saved looking for misplaced things. Everything looks neater and is much more functional.

Overall, if you feel your apartment could use more structure, Sharon will give you some very nice tools to put this part of your life under control.

Sergio O.
New York, NY

Sharon came to my home office to help my wife and me to organize it better. She gave us great suggestions that we could act on immediately, plus some help with bigger questions where she gave us new insight. In just a short visit, she brought some fresh thinking to help us cut the clutter. She is a real professional -- great to work with and full of good ideas!

Rich T.
Darien, CT

I now LOVE going into my kids' rooms. The work we did together really improved my family's quality of life.

Yardaena O.
Riverdale, NY

Sharon's approach to organizing makes tackling seemingly insurmountable clutter relatively pain free. She is fast, efficient, and fair in her approach (she will let you keep stuff!) Her solutions will simplify your daily routines and create space you never you knew you had. She is pleasant to work with and completely non-judgmental about all the dust accumulating beneath your piles of junk. Hiring Sharon gave us the kick in the pants we sorely needed to tackle our clutter and the results were immediate. We highly recommend her services.

Melissa M. and Shawn R.
Forest Hills, NY

I hired Sharon when I moved from a studio apartment to a one-bedroom. With all my stuff came leftovers from my parents' home dating back to my childhood. Additionally, I had no systems in place.

Sharon arrived (as Goddesses do, when you need them) and set up my new kitchen, noting what I could reach or not reach, what I used regularly or rarely. In three hours, I had an organized kitchen. Then we moved on to each room and corner and nook and cranny in my new apartment. She has changed my life. Now, I enjoy coming home.

We spent quite a lot of time together and it was a pleasure. Building a rapport with her is the easiest part of the process. The second easiest part is decision-making. Sharon is approachable, non-judgmental. In fact, she rarely even uses the word "clutter". She is just here in my house to make things work for me. I feel lucky to have found her.

Jill C.
New York, NY