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Organizing Goddess, Inc. offers the following services to residents of overstuffed NYC apartments, and to home-based business owners:

Clutter Management

Learn how to:

  • Stop clutter in its tracks.
  • Find the optimal place for everything.
  • Keep what you love and let the rest go.

Paper Management

Learn how to:

  • Eliminate mail pile-up once and for all.
  • Understand what papers you need to keep.
  • Find any paper you own in less than one minute.

Time Management

Learn how to:

  • Distinguish between urgent and important.
  • Connect your daily activities to your long-term goals.
  • Go to bed knowing there is nothing hanging over your head.

Closet Management

Learn how to:

  • Maximize your closet space, no matter how small.
  • Identify the 80% of your clothes that you should consider letting go.
  • Set up your closets so that getting dressed is a snap.

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Looking for A Speaker?

The Organizing Goddess® would be delighted to speak about all kinds of organizing, whether at a workplace or at an association meeting.   I can customize the topic and content to your needs.

Popular topics include:

  • Downsizing a Lifetime’s Worth of Possessions
  • Secrets of Time Management
  • The (Almost) Empty Inbox
  • Staying Productive in the Information Age
  • Discarding Paper Fearlessly
  • Clearing Off My Desk…and Keeping It Clear

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Give the Gift of Organizing.

An Organizing Goddess® gift certificate is the perfect gift for somebody who is moving, getting married, becoming a parent, starting a business, or simply looking for a positive change.