When You Don’t Know What Product You Need

Last week, I wrote about a new lower cabinet in my kitchen that has replaced a utensil drawer. This week, I want to talk about the new upper cabinet.

I used to have a set of open shelves in that spot. Now, with the widened doorway, I have a narrow cabinet with three shelves and a door.

I used the open shelves for stuff that I liked to keep handy. I’m using the new cabinet for some of that same stuff. The bottom shelf — the most accessible — holds trivets, a box of crackers, and a food scale.

When I had the open shelves, I managed to stand up the food scale on its side perpendicular to the trivets so that the scale wouldn’t fall over. However, in the new cabinet, I couldn’t do that. Every time I took something out of the cabinet, the scale tipped over. So I decided that I needed a cabinet organizer that would hold everything upright.

I looked for cabinet organizers on-line but found that they were all too wide for this narrow cabinet. I knew that there was a product out there that would help me, but couldn’t figure out exactly what it was.

Shortly after, I went to the Container Store to get the utensil holders that I wrote about last time. I was browsing the aisles looking for ideas when I saw an adjustable-width napkin holder. I wondered if a napkin holder would be the right solution for the food scale conundrum.

When I got home, I measured the food scale and went on Amazon to search for napkin holders. I ended up buying a clear acrylic napkin holder that is exactly the right width and is also tall enough to support the weight of the food scale. You can see it in the photo above as well as in the close-up below.

Had I not stumbled upon the adjustable napkin holder at the Container Store, I wonder if I would have ever thought of this as a solution. Sometimes you just get lucky!

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