Jill C.

New York, NY
I hired Sharon when I moved from a studio apartment to a one-bedroom. With all my stuff came leftovers from my parents' home dating back to my childhood. Additionally, I had no systems in place. Sharon arrived (as Goddesses do, when you need them) and set up my new kitchen, noting what I could reach or not reach, what I used regularly or rarely. In three hours, I had an organized kitchen. Then we moved on to each room and corner and nook and cranny in my new apartment. She has changed my life. Now, I enjoy coming home. We spent quite a lot of time together and it was a pleasure. Building a rapport with her is the easiest part of the process. The second easiest part is decision-making. Sharon is approachable, non-judgmental. In fact, she rarely even uses the word "clutter". She is just here in my house to make things work for me. I feel lucky to have found her.