Jeffrey G.

I’ve lived in a New York one-bedroom for over forty years, and as a professional musician, the build-up in my apartment of musical materials of all kinds is massive. Add to that my total lack of an organizing or purging impulse, and you’ve got a recipe for discomfort. That’s where Sharon comes in. She sounded like just the right person on the internet, and in fact that’s what she is. She’s seen every possible mess many times – and if you present her with something unfamiliar, she figures it out in the most impressively logical manner. I’m used to the idea that my apartment will most likely always be a work in progress, but much headway was made quickly, and important improvements are made with every additional appointment. My friends frequently comment on how much nicer it is to visit me now! It’s a truly personalized and individual approach, so things get done right. In addition, she’s a multi-faceted and talented lady who is a delight to know!

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