A Cautionary Tale about Q-Tips

My mother called me the other day to tell me that she had 750 Q-tips and was hoping I would agree to take some of them off her hands.

Here’s how it happened.  My mother noticed  that the package of 300 Q-tips that she purchased at Walgreen’s quite a number of years ago was almost empty.   However, she was determined to buy a smaller package, since she and my dad use them up so slowly, and, like most of us in New York City, have limited storage space.

She went to Walgreen’s and saw a package of 500.  Too big!  At CVS, she found a package in the cosmetics area — 100 Q-tips for $ 2.49.  Perfect!

But they had Q-tips over in the skin care aisle as well, and there she found the package of 750 Q-tips.  (It was supposed to be a package of 500 but was marked “Get 50% more at the same price!”)  The price for this bounty?  $ 3.49.

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