Honey, I Shrunk the Mail

Is your home or office littered with piles of unopened mail?  Does the ever-growing pile become more and more intimidating?

Let me teach you a few tips about mail that will make you want to rush over and tackle that pile right now!

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Schedule It or Toss It

Did you ever have in your hand an invitation to an event, or a schedule of upcoming lectures, performances, or exhibits that sounded interesting but which you weren’t ready to commit to?

Chances are you added the invitation or schedule to a pile of paper on your desk, or put it somewhere in your file cabinet.  Months later, you came across it and said, “Oh, I’m really sorry I missed that”, and threw it out.

So what really happened here?

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Steal That Pile

When I go to a new client’s home or office, I see the inevitable pile of outdated reading material.

It’s usually a collection of newspapers, magazines, professional journals, torn-out articles, and/or newsletters.  When I ask about the pile, the client says, “Oh, I am going to read that”.

Looking at the bottom of the pile, I say, “The oldest item in this pile is from 2008.  Are you really planning to read that?”

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The Rest of the Plastics

Last week, I wrote about which plastics we recycle in New York City.  The bottom line is that the New York City Dept. of Sanitation only recycles plastic bottles and jugs (without the caps).

So what should you do with the rest of the plastics?  A couple of astute readers pointed out other options for recycling them.

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Plastics – To Recycle or Not

Are you confused about what kind of plastics to recycle?  If so, you are not alone.  I see my clients saving all sorts of plastic items for recycling, most of which are not actually recyclable.

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