Ballet Flats: A Cautionary Tale

Every so often, I like to write about something really boneheaded that I did.  This is so that you can learn from my mistakes, and also so that you can see that being organized is challenging even for professional organizers.

Thus, the tale of the ballet flats.
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To Do or Not To Do

Ah, the to-do list.  Some people hate them, some people swear by them.  As a Professional Organizer who teaches time management skills, I’ve seen my share of non-effective to-do lists.

Here are some guidelines for creating and following a manageable to-do list.

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Easy File-Sharing with Dropbox

Last week, I wrote about how to easily back up your computer files to the cloud using Carbonite. This week, I would like to talk about another one of my favorite Internet-based products.

Dropbox is a free program that enables you to store files in the cloud so that you can (1) make them available to all of your computing devices, and (2) easily share them with others.

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Gloves You Can Love

As a Professional Organizer and Productivity Expert, I am always on the lookout for products that have multiple functions or that make life easier.  Thus I was particularly impressed with two types of gloves that I came across recently.

Do you have an iPhone or other electronic device with a touch screen?  Frustrated at having to remove a glove to use it?   Then you’ll be interested to know that several companies make gloves that can be left on when operating your touch screen device!

Bringing Order to the College Application Process

Do have a child in high school?  Does the prospect of staying organized throughout the college application process fill you with dread?   Luckily, a couple of people who have faced this challenge have created a great product from which the rest of us can benefit.

The College Caboodle™ was developed by a professional organizer, Leah DeAngelis Kinder, and her sister, Monique DeAngelis Morey.   Both had daughters entering high school and were looking for a way to organize all of the papers related to the college search and admissions process.

I first saw the College Caboodle™ at the organizers’ conference earlier this year.  I was so impressed with it — and by the number of anxious hours that it can save families  of the college-bound  — that I became an affiliate so that I can offer it to all of my clients and the readers of my weekly tips.

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