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Where’s the Bus?

This tip is only for New Yorkers.  Everyone else, go back to enjoying your summer! Okay, New Yorkers.  Do you ride public transportation?  If so, then you should know about MTA Bus Time. I’m sure you’ll recognize this scenario.  You’re standing at a bus stop waiting for a bus.  You keep walking out into traffic to peer down the street to see if there’s a bus in the distance.   You can’t see anything because there are trucks in the way.  You’re…

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Small Spaces, Fast Paces

Introducing my new e-book, Small Spaces, Fast Paces: New York Organizing Secrets. This book contains the first two years worth of my “Organizing Tip of the Week”.  That’s 95 tips, organized into 13 topics, and easily navigatable thanks to the wonders of technology! Why should you buy my e-book?

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