Back Up Your Computer Without Thinking

If you’ve ever had a computer crash, the first thought that comes into your mind is, “Yikes!  When was the last time I backed up my computer?”    The answer almost always is, “Not recently enough”, or worse yet, “Never”.

Thanks to the Internet, you never have to ask yourself that question again.  You can back up your computer to the so-called “cloud” and stop worrying.

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Put In The Big Rocks First

Do you find yourself scrambling for time?  Do you often think, “I have plenty of time to do this,” then end up rushing at the last minute to finish up?   Do you frequently arrive late because you delayed getting ready but then time got away from you?

Steven Covey, author of “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”, tells a story in one of his other books which appears in many places on the Internet.  (I took this version from

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How Smart is Your Smart Phone?

I was an early adopter of the Blackberry.   I was working for a large corporation when they came out, and as soon as I saw one of my colleagues with one and heard about it’s capabilities, I knew this was for me.  I had just returned from a vacation and had been frustrated at being away from e-mail for a week.

A few years later, I upgraded to the cell phone version of the Blackberry.  I got rid of my low-tech personal cell phone and have been hooked on the smart phone concept ever since.

After I left Corporate America and formed my organizing company three and a half years ago, I decided to try a Motorola Q.  Less than two years later, I went back to the Blackberry, vowing never again to stray.  Each version of the Blackberry had more wonderful features, and I saw no reason to ever leave the fold again.

Then came the iPhone.  At first, I was very skeptical about all of the hype.   But as time wore on, I envied my friends who, with a few flicks of a finger, could use their phones to bring up graphically rich web sites and zoom in on them.

As I rided out my two-year Verizon contract, I checked out the iPhone a few times at Apple and AT&T stores.  I was concerned that, after years of a robust Qwerty keyboard, I would find the virtual keyboard difficult to use.  I was concerned about leaving Verizon and switching to AT&T.  I had a ton of fears – rational or otherwise — and had nearly talked myself out of wanting an iPhone.

Three weeks ago, with my Verizon contact about to expire, I took the plunge.

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