Secrets of an Empty Inbox

I did it on Friday night, and again on Saturday morning. I even did it again on Sunday!
What did I do? I got my inbox down to zero.

Yes, that’s right, zero e-mails in my inbox. And you can do it too! Here are my secrets.

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Work at Your Peak Efficiency

In two days, I will be flying to Columbus, Ohio, to attend the annual conference of the National Association of Professional Organizers for the rest of the week.  My focus for the next two days is be as efficient as possible: plowing through my to-do list, answering e-mails with rapidity, turning down requests for meetings, and delaying until next week anything that doesn’t need to be done now.  I plan to leave my inbox completely empty, and my desk clear of paper.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could work this efficiently all the time, and not just when we are about to take a trip?

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Reduce Unwanted E-mail by Unsubscribing

Do you get e-mails from commercial web sites that you visited and inadvertently (or advertently) agreed to receive updates from?  Tired of slogging through all that unwanted mail in your inbox so that you can find the messages that are truly deserving of your attention?

Salvation is just a few clicks away.

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