Honey, I Shrunk the Mail

Is your home or office littered with piles of unopened mail?  Does the ever-growing pile become more and more intimidating?

Let me teach you a few tips about mail that will make you want to rush over and tackle that pile right now!

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Ballet Flats: A Cautionary Tale

Every so often, I like to write about something really boneheaded that I did.  This is so that you can learn from my mistakes, and also so that you can see that being organized is challenging even for professional organizers.

Thus, the tale of the ballet flats.
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To Do or Not To Do

Ah, the to-do list.  Some people hate them, some people swear by them.  As a Professional Organizer who teaches time management skills, I’ve seen my share of non-effective to-do lists.

Here are some guidelines for creating and following a manageable to-do list.

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Steal That Pile

When I go to a new client’s home or office, I see the inevitable pile of outdated reading material.

It’s usually a collection of newspapers, magazines, professional journals, torn-out articles, and/or newsletters.  When I ask about the pile, the client says, “Oh, I am going to read that”.

Looking at the bottom of the pile, I say, “The oldest item in this pile is from 2008.  Are you really planning to read that?”

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The Broken Windows Theory of Organizing

I’ve been noticing lately how much the Broken Windows Theory applies to staying organized.

The Broken Windows Theory was posited by two social scientists in the early 1980’s, and, according to Wikipedia, refers to the effects of urban disorder and vandalism on additional crime and anti-social behavior.

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