The Power of Habits

When I got my first apartment after I finished graduate school, I learned an important lesson about the power of habits.

Several times during the first few weeks, I left my apartment and started my 3-block walk to the subway, only to stop in fear that I had not locked my door.  I would return to the apartment and discover that I had indeed locked the door — I just couldn’t remember doing it.

Eventually, I trusted that if I left the house with my keys in my hand, I was going to automatically lock the door, so I should stop worrying about it. 

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Time Is A Zero-Sum Game

Four weeks ago, we adopted a dog.  Taffy is a 4-year old chihuahua mix.  She is an adorable love sponge, soaking in as much love and attention as we are willing to dish out, and then splashing it right back at us.

She has also required me to revisit my carefully calibrated habits.

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