Ballet Flats: A Cautionary Tale

Every so often, I like to write about something really boneheaded that I did.  This is so that you can learn from my mistakes, and also so that you can see that being organized is challenging even for professional organizers.

Thus, the tale of the ballet flats.
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Winter is Just Around the Corner

A couple of weeks ago, it was 104 degrees here, setting a record for the hottest July 22 ever recorded in New York City.   It has been in the 80’s or 90’s nearly every day since the beginning of July.  It’s certainly one of the hottest summers I can recall.

Perfect time to start thinking about winter!

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Got New Electronics?

Technology changes so quickly these days that we’ve just barely mastered an acquisition before an updated version with amazing new features is out on the market.  No wonder we have a tendency to replace things that still work.   I myself have just done so with my landline phone, and I’m thrilled with my decision.

However, one of the consequences of rapid technology advances is . . . clutter.  (You knew I was going to get around to that, didn’t you?)

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Recycle Your Clothes and Linens

Next time you clean out a closet, here is a great option for what to do with your discard pile:  take your unwanted clothes and linens to a textile recycling location.

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Practicing What I Preach

As a Professional Organizer, I live the advice that I give my clients.  I regularly donate unworn clothes and unused items; I efficiently process incoming e-mail and paper; I manage my time using an effective to-do list.

But even I’m not perfect.

That’s why I found it so satisfying last week to tackle something that had been nagging at me for a while — something that was violating TWO of my six basic organizing principles.

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