The World’s Thinnest Wallet

I’ve written before about how to keep your wallet and/or handbag clutter-free.  Here’s another way to streamline your load when you are out and about.

How about owning the World’s Thinnest Wallet?

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Treat Your Home Like a National Park

Doesn’t it seem like minutes after you clean up your clutter, it starts accumulating again?  Here’s a method to help keep it clutter-free.

Pretend that your space is a national park from which you are required to remove all trace of your visit.

As you prepare to leave a room, turn around and see what evidence you have left behind.   Did you put down mail or paper clutter?  Has a cabinet or closet door been left open?  Are there items of clothing that you took out but did not put away?  Did you leave your shoes in the middle of the floor?  A box of crackers still open on the kitchen counter?

Just taking a few moments to restore order in a room as you leave it will go a long way towards preventing the reaccumulation of clutter.