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Getting Help When You Need It

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It’s hard to ask for help, especially if it’s something that you feel you should be able to do on your own.  “Why can’t I do this?” you ask yourself.  “Everybody else can.  What’s wrong with me?” This feeling often prevents individuals from contacting a Professional Organizer, even when clutter is bringing down the quality of their lives.  So I’d like to share with you my experience with two professionals that I hired to do something that “everyone else” can seemingly do…

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Laundry to Go

After my older sister went away to college, she reported that it was easy to tell which of the students in her dorm had grown up in apartment buildings (as we did), and which had grown up in houses.   The former apartment dwellers put their laundry in the washing machine, came back half an hour later, transferred it to the dryer, then showed up when it was dry, folded it, and left. Those who had grown up in houses put…

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Charities That Will Pick Up Your Stuff

When I work with clients who want to shed their unwanted possessions, they are delighted at the idea of donating their stuff to charity.  They are less enthusiastic, however, at the idea of having to shlep their stuff to make that happen. That’s why I’m always delighted to learn of charities that will come to your home to pick up your donatable items.  Here are two that I’ve recently learned about.

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Why Vegetables Are Better Than Clothes

Time and again, clients call me to organize their overstuffed closets and dresser drawers.   Most of the time, they swear to me before we start that they really do wear all of those clothes.  Once we get started, however, I hear the usual comments: “That hasn’t fit me in years.” “I never felt comfortable in that.” “That has a huge stain on it.” And my favorite: “Oh, I’d forgotten I had that!”

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Making Our Closets Work Year Round

Here in New York City, spring has been toying with us. First it’s here, then it’s gone, then it’s here again. The last few days have been beautiful, and we are keeping our fingers crossed that spring stays this time! This ping-ponging of the temperature reminds us that there really isn’t a clear transition point from winter clothes to summer clothes. The majority of our clothes can be worn all year round (or at least on those days when the…

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