Book ‘Em, Danno

When I suggest to my clients that we review their bookshelves and see if they can let any books go, they usually look at me in a panic and say, “But I LOVE my books!”

Books are just like any collection: a bunch of individual items that are viewed as an entity but are actually quite diverse in terms of their usefulness or emotional value.

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So Many Books, So Little Time

One of the hardest areas to declutter is the bookcase.

If you were brought up loving books, it seems disrespectful – almost sacrilegious – to dispose of them.   Nevertheless, if we don’t keep our book collections at bay, they can take over the house.  Nothing makes a room look more disorganized and unkempt than an overloaded bookcase.

Luckily, there are some excellent options for getting your books into the hands of people who will appreciate them.

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