Charities That Will Pick Up Your Stuff

When I work with clients who want to shed their unwanted possessions, they are delighted at the idea of donating their stuff to charity.  They are less enthusiastic, however, at the idea of having to shlep their stuff to make that happen.

That’s why I’m always delighted to learn of charities that will come to your home to pick up your donatable items.  Here are two that I’ve recently learned about.

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Recycle Your Clothes and Linens

Next time you clean out a closet, here is a great option for what to do with your discard pile:  take your unwanted clothes and linens to a textile recycling location.

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Unstuff Your Linen Closet

Do you still have every towel you ever owned — including the ones you used in college?  Is it impossible for you to pull anything out of your linen closet without everything coming out because it’s so stuffed? Perhaps it’s time for you to give your linen closet a makeover.

Let’s figure out how many sheets, towels, blankets, etc., you really need.

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