Laundry to Go

After my older sister went away to college, she reported that it was easy to tell which of the students in her dorm had grown up in apartment buildings (as we did), and which had grown up in houses.   The former apartment dwellers put their laundry in the washing machine, came back half an hour later, transferred it to the dryer, then showed up when it was dry, folded it, and left.

Those who had grown up in houses put their laundry in, came back hours later, and were surprised to find that someone had removed their clothes from the washing machine and left them in a wet pile.

Yes, it’s a whole different culture for those of us who live in apartments and have to share laundry facilities with our neighbors.  I am lucky enough to have a laundry room in the basement of my building.   Others here in New York City aren’t so fortunate and have to use the facilities at local laundromats.

Thanks to some new choices at the Container Store,  it’s easier than ever to get that laundry from here to there.

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Pet Products for Small Spaces

I was recently invited to a pet product expo sponsored by Pet Socialite Events.  I was invited because I was an Organizer, but it was my new status as a Dog Owner that spurred me to go.

While there, I ran into my organizing colleague Fern Silvernagel.  Fern is a Cat Owner and her perspective was invaluable as we toured the vendor displays in search of products that our clients could use.

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