Recommended Products and Services

Some of my favorite organizing products:

  • Voot Boot Shaper. Tired of your boots drooping in your closet? The Voot Boot Shaper will bring them to attention! Use the code OG-VIP-VOOT for a 10% discount.

Great organizing products can be purchased from these retailers:

These companies provide services that will assist you in your organizing efforts:

  • David’s Tech Concierge. Having problems with your computer, your entertainment system, or any other kind of technology? David Saphier will set everything right. Contact him at (917) 951-0137 or
  • Cash 4 Books. You may be able to trade your books for dollars. Type the ISBN number of your unwanted books into this website, and find out how much they are willing to pay. And they pay for the shipping!
  • Stacie BACH Financial Services Consulting. Stacie teaches small businesses how to organize their financial records, track their transactions, and put together their own management reports and financial statements so they will always know how their business is performing. Stacie is a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor and is an expert in Quicken software for personal financial management.

Want to get some cash for your unloved clothes and accessories?

  • Rebag will turn the designer bags you no longer use into cash up front. Use the code OrganizingGoddess to ensure that you get the best price.
  • The RealReal is a luxury consignment retailer that will pay you for your designer clothes, handbags, fine jewelry, home decor, fine art, and more! Be sure to mention my name.
  • ThredUp is the place to contact for the rest of your clothes and accessories — the ones that aren’t by high-end designers. They carry gently used clothing from over 35,000 different brands. Request a Clean Out Kit and they’ll send you a huge bag in which you can send back (for free) the clothes you no longer wear. You earn a little cash or shopping credit.

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