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Treat Your Home Like a National Park

Doesn’t it seem like minutes after you clean up your clutter, it starts accumulating again?  Here’s a method to help keep it clutter-free. Pretend that your space is a national park from which you are required to remove all trace of your visit. As you prepare to leave a room, turn around and see what evidence you have left behind.   Did you put down mail or paper clutter?  Has a cabinet or closet door been left open?  Are there items…

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Say It Loud and Say It Proud!

Have you ever misplaced something because you spontaneously put it down somewhere and then couldn’t remember where? This sometimes happens to me with my glasses.  Then my whole family walks around looking for them on my behalf because I can’t see very far without them! So I came up with a solution to this problem.  As I’m putting the item down, I say it out loud.  For example, “I’m putting my glasses on top of the piano”. Not only am…

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