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Lightening the Load

When my daughter was a toddler, she used to crack us up by saying, “I do it myself,” immediately followed by “Help!”   Her desire for independence was strong, but not strong enough to overcome her youthful lack of competence. As grownups, it can be hard to admit when we need help.  I’ve written before about the ways in which I have sought professional assistance to accomplish important personal goals (see my prior tip, “Getting Help When You Need It“).  A…

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Consign for A Good Cause

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I recently wrote about how the internet has been a game-changer for consignment.  (See “A New Spin on Consignment“).  Now a website called Fashion Project is combining the new consignment model with charitable donation. Fashion Project — whose motto is “Fashion as a Force for Good” — enables you to donate your no-longer-loved stuff for the benefit of one of many charities with which they have partnered.  The process is simple. Select a charity from their long list, enter your contact information, and then pick…

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Where’s the Bus?

This tip is only for New Yorkers.  Everyone else, go back to enjoying your summer! Okay, New Yorkers.  Do you ride public transportation?  If so, then you should know about MTA Bus Time. I’m sure you’ll recognize this scenario.  You’re standing at a bus stop waiting for a bus.  You keep walking out into traffic to peer down the street to see if there’s a bus in the distance.   You can’t see anything because there are trucks in the way.  You’re…

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Will This Magazine Change Your Life?

I’ve noticed a curious thing when I work with clients who hold on to unread magazines and newspapers for months, sometimes years.  These folks get very emotional when you try to convince them that they should let these old periodicals go.  They panic at the thought of letting the stories leave their home unread. I call these people “information hoarders”.  Once information comes through the front door, it can’t leave unless it has been read.  It doesn’t matter how old…

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In Love With Evernote

I consider myself pretty tech savvy for a Digital Immigrant (i.e., someone who grew up when the world was still primarily analog).  However, I am not one to jump on the tech bandwagon every time the next big thing comes out.  I prefer to wait until it has more stability and until I perceive a personal need for it. That’s why I did not immediately start using Evernote even though many of my organizing colleagues swore by it.  When I first heard…

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