Change for Good

Have you ever come back from a foreign trip with leftover currency? If you travel abroad frequently, then you might want to keep the currency and bring it on your next trip to that country. However, if you don’t expect to go back to that country in the foreseeable future, you probably want to do something with it so that it doesn’t become clutter. Bills can be exchanged for dollars at banks that handles currency exchange, but they won’t accept…

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What Price Free?

Tomorrow I’m leaving for Atlanta, Georgia, to spend the rest of the week at the annual conference of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO). This will be my seventh time attending the NAPO conference and I’m excited to come home with new ideas for my clients and my business. What I don’t intend to come home with is hotel freebies. You know, those little bottles and tubes of shampoo and moisturizer, sewing kits, shoe polishers, and shower caps. When I help clients…

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Packing Up

We took our 18-year old daughter to college a few days ago. It was a huge undertaking – physically, emotionally, and of course, organizationally. As I’ve mentioned before, I deal with emotional upheaval by getting organized. (See Love, Loss, and Organizing). Getting my daughter and all her stuff to school was a logistical puzzle that kept me focused and helped keep the emotions at bay. Before I go on vacation, admiring friends often say to me one or two weeks before, “I bet…

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In Love With Evernote

I consider myself pretty tech savvy for a Digital Immigrant (i.e., someone who grew up when the world was still primarily analog).  However, I am not one to jump on the tech bandwagon every time the next big thing comes out.  I prefer to wait until it has more stability and until I perceive a personal need for it. That’s why I did not immediately start using Evernote even though many of my organizing colleagues swore by it.  When I first heard…

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Everything In Its Place

I’ve just returned from a 2-week vacation with my husband and teenage daughter.  Well, it was sort of a vacation.  My husband had some business trips to take, so we built a vacation around them.  And we decided that as long as we were traveling, we might as well start doing college visits.  So it was a rather hectic vacation, with a lot more early morning wakeups than I’d like.  But it was still great to be away as a family…

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