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Finishing A Lingering Project

In January three years ago, in a blog post called Projects That Never Get Done, I mentioned that I was starting a long-postponed project to locate, watch, and digitize the home movies from my daughter’s childhood. Later that year, I wrote again about the project in Down Memory Lane. The ultimate goal was to rid myself of the video cameras on which we had taken those movies. I’m happy to say that I have finally finished that project! Why did this project…

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Down Memory Lane

Back in January, I wrote about Projects That Never Get Done. In that post, I publicly promised to take the first step on a long-delayed project in my house: getting rid of our two video cameras, which we haven’t used in many years. The first step was to find the videos that we had taken, so that I could inventory them prior to sending them off to be digitized. After all, I might need the cameras to properly inventory the tapes….

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Use It, Love It, or Lose It

One of my five basic organizing principles is “Use it, love it, or lose it.” I teach this to all my clients, and it becomes the basis for decision-making about what to keep or what to let go. I am in the process of applying this same principle in my own home. I have a very small collection of commercial videos, on VHS and on DVD. Some of them I have never watched. With our TV shows on hiatus for the…

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