The Music Continues

Six years ago, I wrote about how I changed the way I listened to music when I installed Sonos speakers all over my house (see Let There Be Music). I’ve recently expanded my Sonos network in a fun way. My Sonos speakers work with my wifi network and are plugged into standard electrical outlets. I have two speakers in the living room operating as a stereo pair, one in the kitchen, and another in my bedroom. Because I can control…

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Let There Be Music

My very first apartment was a studio apartment. It was one large room in which I ate, slept, and entertained. I loved it. One of the things I loved most about it was that I could put on music and hear it from anyplace in the apartment. As my life changed and I upgraded to a one-bedroom and subsequently a two-bedroom apartment, I missed being able to hear my music as I walked from one room to the next. I…

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Just In Case

I often hear the phrase “just in case” when I am helping clients reduce their clutter. I will pick up an item and ask, “Do you ever use this?”  The client will say, “No, but I want to keep it just in case.” I work through this with the client, exploring the various scenarios in which this item will be needed again, and how likely these scenarios are. I usually conclude, “And in the unlikely event that you need it, you can…

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One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure

You know that item that you bought a long time ago but you never used it and now it just clutters up your closet?  Yeah, that one. We had a closet full of those.  Well, not a whole closet.  But what we had was bulky, so it seemed like it. A few weeks ago, I decided that the large unused items had to go, and  I made some plans for them.  One item, a full-sized piano keyboard which connects to…

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Three Idiots

I’ve noticed that I give the most enjoyment to my readers when I confess that the Organizing Goddess has feet of clay.  Yes, dear readers, even professional organizers are human! Earlier this year, Barry Manilow appeared on Broadway in a concert of his music.  Back in the day, I was a huge Barry Manilow fan.  This was not a cool thing to admit back then, but I was fearless in my individuality and would happily confess it.  Somebody once said…

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