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Where to Donate Halloween Costumes

Did you know that you can donate your children’s gently-used Halloween costumes? ‘WEEN DREAM is a non-profit organization located in New Orleans. They collect costumes all year round and then provide them to kids in need in time for the following Halloween. As their website states: “‘WEEN DREAM gives costumes to kids from all over America who are faced with unique challenges, including those with special needs, physical and/or mental disabilities, homeless children, kids living in poverty or at shelters,…

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Putting The Holidays In Perspective

Every year, from Thanksgiving until New Year’s, the business pages of the newspaper are filled with prognistications of whether holiday retail sales will meet expectations.  In 2011, holiday sales represented 20% of total retail industry sales.  For some retailers, holiday purchases represent 40% of annual sales. Those people are allowed to stress out about the holidays.  But why are the rest of us so stressed out?

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