All That Glitters

As I have written before, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure (see my earlier post of that name).  But what happens when you inherit another man’s treasure?   If something was important to someone you loved, does it become important to you?

When my mother passed away two years ago, she left behind her beloved silver-plated flatware.  Like many women of her generation, my mother believed in pulling out her fine china, tablecloths, and silver-plated flatware whenever we had company.  After everyone went home, my mother would hand wash all the dirty dishes, and one of us children would carefully dry everything and stack it up.  My mother made a rule that my father couldn’t take out the garbage until the silver had been washed, dried, and counted, in case a piece had accidentally been thrown away.  The flatware would then be returned to its felt-lined box and put away until next time.

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Decluttering For The Holidays

With Thanksgiving coming up next week, I imagine many of you are in a bit of a panic, looking at your “lived in” home and wondering how you will ever get it into shape in time for next week’s onslaught of guests.  (I certainly am!)

At a talk I gave earlier this year, a woman asked me how to ensure that she and her husband regularly keep their apartment free of clutter.  I advised her to give a dinner party once a month.

So instead of looking at holiday entertaining as a problem, look at it as a solution.

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