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A Pocketful of Change

Do you have bowls or mugs full of change that accumulates in your home but that you don’t know what to do with? Many of my clients do. I even have a small bowl to collect change in my home. I used to take loose change to the TD Bank near me. However, they have eliminated their change-counting machines. When I asked for alternatives, they gave me some paper coin rolls. Counting coins and stuffing them into a paper roll is…

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Change for Good

Have you ever come back from a foreign trip with leftover currency? If you travel abroad frequently, then you might want to keep the currency and bring it on your next trip to that country. However, if you don’t expect to go back to that country in the foreseeable future, you probably want to do something with it so that it doesn’t become clutter. Bills can be exchanged for dollars at banks that handles currency exchange, but they won’t accept…

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