Electronic Clutter | Organizing Goddess - Part 8

Small Spaces, Fast Paces

Introducing my new e-book, Small Spaces, Fast Paces: New York Organizing Secrets. This book contains the first two years worth of my “Organizing Tip of the Week”.  That’s 95 tips, organized into 13 topics, and easily navigatable thanks to the wonders of technology! Why should you buy my e-book?

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Schedule a Meeting with Doodle®

Have you ever tried to schedule a meeting with a group of people?  It can take a lot of e-mails or phone calls to see a consensus forming, and then one person’s response can scuttle the whole endeavor and send you back to square one.  Here’s a better alternative. Doodle® is a free website that enables you to set up possible dates and times for an event and then send it to a list of e-mail addresses.  Each of your attendees…

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Streamline Your Links

Did someone ever send you a link to a web page, but it won’t work because it was split onto two lines? Send web links in confidence using one of three free programs that shorten them so that they won’t be mangled by the time they reach their destination. All three have cute, catchy names:  BudURL, SnipURL, and TinyURL.  (URL, by the way, stands for Uniform Resource Locator, and is the official term for a web address).

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