Rethinking My Utensil Drawer

My recent home renovation included replacing all of my kitchen appliances. This required a widening of the doorway (don’t ask). As a result, one of cabinets was replaced with a narrower cabinet.

The original cabinet had a drawer that I used for kitchen utensils. I was lucky to have multiple shallow drawers in different areas of my kitchen. I used one for silverware, one for utensils, and one for my wraps and baggies. Now I was down one drawer.

Even when I had a utensil drawer, I kept some of my utensils in a bin in a lower cabinet because the drawer would otherwise be too crowded. The ones I didn’t use often, but was reluctant to part with, went down below. The ones I used all the time went up top.

When I prepared my kitchen last fall for the impending renovation, I got rid of a lot of the infrequently used utensils. When my kitchen was completed, I got rid of even more. Now I was ready to figure out how to compensate for the loss of one drawer.

The narrow cabinet was outfitted with a Rev-A-Shelf pullout with three levels. With the help of some clear plastic drawer inserts from The Container Store, I created three levels of utensils:

  • The top level uses an iDESIGN Linus Deep Drawer Organizer to hold my most frequently used utensils, including the ones I use at the stove, which is right next to the cabinet. It holds two spatulas, a slotted plastic spoon, and a can opener. The drawer organizer is low enough (3-1/8″ high) that I can simply reach into it from the side to grab the utensil I need.
  • The bottom level uses the same iDESIGN drawer organizer and holds utensils for opening stubborn bottles and jars.
  • The middle level holds the less frequently used utensils and uses two iDESIGN Linus Narrow Pantry Bins. Those are taller (6″ high) so they hold a lot of utensils! The clear drawers allow me to see what’s in there so I can find what I need on the infrequent occasions that I use these utensils.

By rethinking how to store utensils and by making use of some organizing containers, I was able to overcome the loss of a drawer. And all of my utensils are reunited in one place instead of having the infrequently used ones in a separate cabinet. I plan to revisit that middle level in 6 months to see what more I can get rid of.