Let’s Talk Plastic Containers, Part 2

Last week I wrote with guidelines about plastic containers as well as my ongoing love affair with Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids™ containers. (See Let’s Talk Plastic Containers.)

I’ve received some requests for assistance in navigating the gamut of Easy Find Lids™ containers, as there are many types, shapes, and sizes.

I prefer the square-shaped containers, as opposed to the rectangular ones, as they fit best in my refrigerator. My go-to size is the 3-cup container, as they are perfect for leftovers. I generally have 5 or 6 of those in my fridge at all times. Here is a link on Amazon: 3-cup square container.

I sometimes use the 5-cup size for something too voluminous for the 3-cup, like an entire cooked cabbage. The 5-cup has the same footprint as the 3-cup, but it’s taller. That means you can stack them on each other in the fridge, and nest them in the cabinet. Here’s a combo pack with one 5-cup and two 3-cup sizes: 3-cup and 5-cup combo pack.

I also use the 1.25 cup size for small items, such as a cut-up bell pepper or half an apple. Here’s a set of two 1.25-cup containers: 1.25-cup set of two.

In searching for these items on Amazon, I see that Rubbermaid now features steam vents on some of the containers. Mine don’t have these, but I don’t miss them because I rarely heat things up in a covered container. If you do, then you may consider buying those containers that feature those lids.

You may be considering buying a set with a lot of different sizes, such as this one with 21 different containers and lids. If you are ready to ditch your existing containers and devote that space to these new ones, and if your storage needs are more varied than mine, then go ahead. But you may also want to start small and then add to your collection once you’ve figured out your needs.

Here is a photo of my actual refrigerator, with lots of Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids™ containers stacked up. In the front are three 1.25-cup containers. In the back are three 3-cup containers on the left, and a 3-cup container on top of a 5-cup on the right.