Living With Less

Recently I wrote about an impending renovation project in my apartment (see Would You Keep This If You Were Moving?) Well, it’s no longer impending — it’s starting in a few days. Yikes!

In order to get things out of the way for the contractors who will be tearing up parts of my kitchen and bathroom, I’ve been reviewing and relocating stuff. Even though I do that fairly often, I can still find stuff that I don’t use and don’t need. Sometimes we keep something because we have the room for it. But when room becomes scarce, it has to go.

My daughter happened to visiting here a few days ago when I was taking everything out of the kitchen cabinets. She was giving me a needed dose of reality, saying things like, “You’ll never use that again. Get rid of it!” In most cases, she was right.

Everything that we use frequently found a place in the cabinets that didn’t need to emptied. The rest ended up in three piles: stuff that got donated, stuff that went into trash or recycling, and stuff that went home with my daughter. She was enthusiastic about some of my castoffs and I was happy they would get a new life with her.

Although I’m dreading the inconveniences that we’ll be dealing with over the next few months, I’m excited that we will be living with less.

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