Do You Still Use Takeout Menus?

In New York City, we eat a lot of takeout food. Before the pandemic, not all restaurants delivered directly to our homes. In recent years, however, you can have food delivered from nearly everywhere.
It used to be important to keep takeout menus on hand so that you could call and place your order. Now, most orders are placed on-line, through third-party apps like Seamless or through the restaurant’s own website.
That’s why I’m surprised when I’m helping a client clean out the kitchen drawers and find takeout menus. I always ask the client, “Do you still use these?”
The client will usually go through the menus one by one, and finally say, “No, I don’t” before placing them in the paper recycling bin.
Do you have a drawer full of takeout menus? Now is probably the time to let them go. I’m sure you can use that drawer for more important things that you actually use.

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