Another Recycling Bin to Love

Call me fickle. Less than two years ago, I wrote a blog post extolling the small improvements I had made around my home during the slow days of the pandemic. One those improvements was the addition of a Simple Human two-compartment recycling bin in my kitchen. This bin was a definite step up for us, but it was not perfect in light of our recycling situation.

Joseph Joseph GoRecycle 28L Recycling Caddy

So when Facebook showed me an ad for the Joseph Joseph GoRecycle 28L Recycling Caddy, I decided to try it. And boy, do we love it!

The Joseph Joseph Recycling Caddy is perfect for apartment living, as it can be easily transported to the trash room in our building, where we can pour the contents into the larger recycling bins. We have dedicated one section of the caddy for paper, and the other for plastic and glass. Due to the hinged lid, it’s easy to empty out just one of the sections at a time. And the two sides of the lid come together to form a sturdy handle.

Interestingly, the Facebook ad showing this item was from the Design Store of the Museum of Modern Art.  Apparently, it’s not only functional, it’s also considered good design!

So what did I do with the Simple Human two-compartment recycling bin? I held on to it for a couple of months to make sure that I didn’t have another use for it. Then I posted it on Buy Nothing, the Facebook group that I wrote about in a blog post during the pandemic, when I was getting rid of so many things. The recycling bin was the most popular item I ever posted on Buy Nothing — 84 people expressed interest! I had to use a random number generator to pick the winner.

By the way, you can use Buy Nothing even if you are not a Facebook user. You can install the Buy Nothing app on your smart phone without even having a Facebook account.


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