Just Unsubscribe

You get too many e-mails. I may not even know you, and even if I know you, I may never have seen your inbox. It doesn’t matter, I still know. That’s because we all get too many e-mails.

You may have signed up for newsletters that you were really interested in reading but never have time for. You may have neglected to click the checkbox next to “Send me marketing messages and offers” when you bought something online. Or you may have started receiving something completely unsolicited but that kind of intrigues you.

Forget them all. Next time you get one of those, go to the bottom of the e-mail and find the “Unsubscribe” link and click it.

“But I really want to read this when I have time!”, you protest. Yes, I’m sure you do. But having those messages flowing into your inbox — amongst all of the items that you really do need to pay attention to — just causes you stress. And besides, do you ever take the time to look at them?

The old adage says that you can’t find a needle in a haystack. But what if there only ten pieces of hay? You can find the needle then.

Think of your inbox as a haystack. Having those extraneous e-mails mixed in just makes it harder to notice the important and necessary items.

When I’ve mentioned to some people (whose inboxes I have seen) that they should unsubscribe, they say, “Oh, it’s not worth it. I just delete them when I see them.” But I don’t think that is a good use of time, and it still brings too many pieces of hay into your inbox. And did I mention the stress?

So just unsubscribe. And then delete.

You’re welcome.


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