The Music Continues

Six years ago, I wrote about how I changed the way I listened to music when I installed Sonos speakers all over my house (see Let There Be Music). I’ve recently expanded my Sonos network in a fun way.

My Sonos speakers work with my wifi network and are plugged into standard electrical outlets. I have two speakers in the living room operating as a stereo pair, one in the kitchen, and another in my bedroom. Because I can control the speakers independently, I can listen to my music in the living room (where my home office is) without disturbing my husband, whose home office is in the bedroom. In most instances, however, I have music going all over the apartment and can move from one room to another without missing anything.

I still had one dead spot: my bathroom, which is just off my bedroom. There is an electrical outlet in there, but it’s not near a surface, so there was no practical way to add a Sonos speaker. If I wanted music while I brushed my teeth or took a shower, I had to rely on my battery-powered radio, which sometimes got poor reception.

Sonos Roam and Wireless Charger

A few months ago, I browsed the Sonos website and discovered that they now have wireless speakers! I was drawn to the latest model, the Roam, which wasn’t even available yet. It’s a slim, lightweight speaker that comes in black or white. It comes with a charging cable, but you can also purchase a charger with a small platform on which you can place the speaker for charging and then easily remove it when you want to take it to another room.

I place a pre-order for the Sonos Roam with the Wireless Charger, and then waited. They arrived in late May, and I have been obsessed with them ever since! I have the charger plugged in and sitting on the end table in my bedroom that’s closest to the bathroom. Like most wireless electronic devices, the Roam speaker loses power even if you’re not using it, so I make sure that it’s on the charger when I’m done listening. (I discovered this phenomenon when I got an Apple Watch, which drained its battery in two days in a drawer.)

I’m really enjoying having the flexibility to walk around the house with a portable speaker that taps into all my music. In the process of setting it up, I also discovered a new Broadway music station (my guilty pleasure!) so we’ve been having fun with that.

Are you ready to rethink the way you are listening to music? Do you have a lot of outdated music equipment in your house that you no longer use? Maybe it’s time for you to check out new products that will make it easier for you to enjoy your music.

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