Commanding The Bathroom

I will never get tired of Command™ products, the line of hooks, strips, and other items that can be adhered to a wall or other smooth surface without damaging it. I’ve used them all over my home, as you can read about in many of my previous posts, including My Love Affair with Command™ Hooks and Hang Your Necklaces. But it’s even more fun when I get to try out products at a client’s home!

A long-term client recently moved to a new apartment. One of our first projects in the new place was the bathroom. Because this is a rental apartment, we wanted to make as few permanent changes as possible. I had been eager to try the Command bathroom products, which adhere to tile as well as wall, and stand up to high humidity.

Our first challenge was to provide additional hanging space for towels, as there was only one towel rack. We added the following products:

We needed something to keep shower products handy, so we hung one of these on directly on the tile:

  • Command Shower Caddy, Satin Nickel. This is great for accommodating shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc. It keeps them right at eye level, and the design allows them to dry off between showers.

Every time I see my client, I ask, “Are the bathroom products still up?” and the answer is always “Yes!”

You can see the entire line of Command™ bathroom products on the Command website as well as on Amazon.



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